Freezing Screens


Is the back office experiencing some kind of difficulties?
Working on Maps and the Maps screen and every screen that has some kind of dependency on a Map screen looks like it freezes and nothing more is possible. It has been this way for the last 2 hours.

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I guess it is just not Maps but it is a general issue, right?

Can you give us some feedback. Is it better not to work on the app in the next hours?

I think it is working now folks. I took a 30 minute break and came back to it. Seems to be some kind of enforced downtime or server issue at Adalo’s end.

Will check it out.
Thank you.

I think it is still somewhat strange. Unfortunately not hearing from Adalo team.

Hey @gmsalgado @Arun I believe this may have been related to this saving issue we were experiencing earlier: Web App Not Saving

You can read more there, but basically we’ve had some significant user-growth over the past few weeks, and as a result, our system is being pushed to levels it never has before. We’ve put some fixes and place and are working on more permanent fixes for the saving issues.


@jeremy thanks for letting us know. Glad to hear adalo is doing well. That’s good news indeed.

Hope the permanent fixes aren’t too far away.

Thank you for the feedback. Happy that things are going great for Adalo!

@jeremy is your cluster based on an AWS infrastructure? if so capacity allocation should be scalable right? or this means that you maybe went over budget? :thinking: concerning