Adalo not loading

Hello, Is anyone else experiencing adalo not loading and not saving changes when it does? Only started happing today. Was fine yesterday but nothing is responding today


Adalo not responding good from 2-3 days

Loading slow
Performance slow
Not reflecting new changes


Hey, my apps where working and loading yesterday, typical just had one more page to do before I published it lol. Hope it gets fixed soon!

Same here, no changes could be saved…


There are currently issues with the servers being overloaded or else, the team at Adalo is aware and currently on the fix.

Last few days, everything has been pokey for me. Today, nothing I do saves. When I close and restart, all my work is gone.

@oceanman a little patience, I’m sure they will find a fix soon :grin:

Thanks for the answers guys!

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I have the same issue, was fine this morning (UK time), but this afternoon when I try to preview I get ‘error loading app’, plus no changes are being saved…

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Yep we’re all having the same issues :upside_down_face:

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Someone at Adalo is in a world of pain at the moment…


I do not know you but this makes me doubt the effectiveness of adalo because if the application that I made to a client is slow , or when I ask for a change and the platform does not let me work, what can I tell my client? is that my supplier has problems…ummm that is the fear that I offer developments to third parties with Adalo

Even I too facing the same issue, really what we can tell to our clients…big question, if this happen again and again. Adalo, you must build the confidents for the developers.

@msmurfitt yeah the CTO is definitely under some pressure and deserves a phew beers once this is over, but hey that’s how it goes when you got thousands of new users flocking every week to the platform.

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@Reyaas Trust me they will take this seriously as they don’t want to lose paying customers.

Even free users, developing some concepts, definitely will upgrade to paid ones, I was thinking to do upgrade yesterday in a week time, but today reconsidering it.

@Reyaas all I’m saying is that you should give them a chance, we all make mistakes even big ones like this, remember that this is not an easy task, scaling thousands of applications and keeping constant stability and security along the way is very hard in fact. Again I’m positively sure that this will not go unnoticed and that they will fix this moving forward.


I’m on paid version and have same issues. I’m being patient but it would be great if we had a status page. Please upvote this on the feedback site to maybe have a chance of them implementing such a concept. it would improve communications instead of having to log onto the forum to see if anyone else is having these issues. Which as OP has mentioned are bound to happen in early stages which is agreeable but if we are expecting crashes and errors lets have a status page.


@jencass97 agreed :wink:, that sounds like a great solution for real-time server status updates.

@Devops As a start we just need a red/yellow/green icon somewhere so we know if we should even touch anything. Green = “OK”, yellow = “OK but slow”, red = “not saving/not refreshing, don’t touch anything”.
A good practice when the system is not working is to provide a simple page with a regular update where everyone can check progress. Been there - it immediately removes all of the bitching around and frustration.

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