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I’d like to click on a button and then go to a new page with a fullscreen video player. The “automatic” full screen video player is the problem.
I can buy a component if needed.
Is there a workaround to simulate a click on the plyr video compenent “fullcreen button” ?

You can resolve with @Michael component : https://www.nocodemonkey.io/components/vertical-video

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That is @Michael component


Yes that is actually Michael Heck’s component

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Perfect, I thought it was “only” a vertical video player…

Thanks I bought Michael’s component.

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I try the vertical video component and I am bit sad:

1- A lot of Apple apps have a button and when you click you have a full screen video autoplayed with music. With the componet I have to mute the sound to have autoplay. Can I change it ?

2 - I bought the component because you can start fullscreen. Is there an option, with the device in vertical mode, to have the video fullscreen but not with the zoom. With black parts top and bottom ? Like the plr video but with the auto full screen.


Currently the component doesn’t not offer a way to “zoom out”.
The component is designed to stretch and fill the full vertical height of the screen.

Regarding playing the video on autoplay with music (not muted in the beginning). This is possible on iOS/android but not on web. This is due to browsers not allowing it.

You’ll notice that even sites like TikTok (website, not app) don’t allow this.

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Thank you for your answers.

When you say “currently” does it mean the zoom out will be a futur option (crossfingered) ?
If not, any idea to use a video player (yours or another) with auto full screen without zoom ?

@Michael Is there a way to make the controls disappear after x seconds ?

Any idea/delay for the zoom out ?

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