Funding available for building apps


I am a council member of the NEAR Marketing DAO. We are focused on helping projects that are being built on NEAR Protocol blockchain.

I have just joined your forum to explore ways to collaborate with developers who are interested to build apps that combine the no-code functionality of Adolo with our payment and governance tools.

I am keen to explore how we can build templates and components that will make it easy for others to use both platforms.

The NEAR Foundation has funds available to support projects that are building tools and apps that help achieve awareness and involvement.

I have a ‘shopping list’ of simple tools and plugins that I would like to see and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with your community :blush:


Hi @cryptocredit,
Congrats first on the NEAR project and the carbon neutral approach, NEAR it is getting more attraction everyday. At least from my perspective, most important would be having components for Adalo that are easy to use. Crypto Payments modules (I.e. Would love to have a module where I could receive payments in NEAR), or trading on the fly with low fees would be great.

Thank you.

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Hi @JL_LJ thanks for your comments.

Top of the ‘shopping list’ is to build tools that make it easy to transact in NEAR tokens. I am thinking an easy way to make payments for physical products with a QR code price label printing app + quick pay via the same QR code.

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Nice, this sounds like an excellent start.

Just wanted to add some details of the tools.

Transact in NEAR is the working title for a project to build two mobile apps:

  1. Pricing - QR code label generator ‘price gun’ using Bluetooth label printer

This app will consist of UI screen where the user enters the vendor wallet address and item price in NEAR. Click a ‘generate’ button and connect to the printer. Print out label. The label is then attached to the physical item as a price tag.

  1. Payment - qr code scanner

This app will consist of a UI screen where the user opens a modified QR code scanner component (using the device camera). When opened the app automatically links to buyers wallet, selects send, fills vendors wallet address and amount when QR code is scanned. Click pay button to complete purchase.

Both of the apps will use a ‘Connect to Near’ wallet API component.

If you are interested in collaborating to build these apps or have any questions or suggestions on the way forward please feel free to comment :innocent:

I’ve experience in building different components for Adalo: Login to Coinbase, Spotify and interaction with Camera. So I’m interested to work on second application
How I can apply to this?

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Hi @gskachkov thanks for posting. Sounds like you have some useful experience!

I have created a telegram group for devs interested in this project Telegram: Contact @appdevgroup
You are welcome to join and ask questions!