Navigation Bar on Android APK Testing

Hi There,

Just a quick question, do any of you experience the same issue with the navigation bar?

This is happening to me after launching the app in Google Play Console Internal Testing Phase.

Have not launched yet in the App store, however, issues on android is what i am aiming to sort first.

Appreciate your assistance. Image below demos the issue with a blue marking around the area of the navbar that should not be there. That section only appears as seen once the app APK is generated. Does not happen in standard adalo preview. Let me add that it is the standard adalo navbar, i also tried adding it into a group to specifically set it to bottom setting in editing style and also created a custom navbar to see if it made a difference, and was not successful.


Yes this is a known bug in Adalo. If you change the screens to Status Bar > Hidden it solves the problem. Well atleast for me.


Thanks for your prompt reply,

Will try that now :grinning:

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All sorted,

Amazing easy fix. Thank you ever so much!


how do you do that? Iā€™m also having this issue


Go to that screen and go to the edit styles and you will see a option Status Bar.

In there select Hidden.


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