GDPA, Privacy and Cookie Policy

Hi everyone, I’ve ultimate an app for a customer and now I want to publish it on AppStore and Play Store but I have a little problem. I want to generate Term and Conditions, Privacy and Cookie Policy with Iubenda but I don’t know what services are included with Adalo. Anyone can help me? The app that I create is a food delivery app.

Hi Devers,

I think you might need to reach out to support for this question. (I do know that they use AWS & Heroku)

Hi @Devers
Have you set up the Iubenda cookies consent solution (opt in / opt out) for your Adalo apps (PWA or published apps) ?
If yes, how did you do ?

I’m struggling on this topic, the Iubenda support is not able to say if their cookies consent solution is compatible with Adalo. However, Adalo refers to their services on their website (weird, isn’t it ?)

And, I may be wrong, but we still don’t know what cookies (exempt and non-exempt) Adalo sets up in the PWA or published apps.

Thanks for your help

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