GeoLocation filtering and GPS tacking

some one told me ti change name ?

this name ? i had change it ^ but still mistake

Did you change the component name?

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where ?) through visual studio code in package.json?

You can install it from our marketplace again


Hi! First of all thanks for the component!

Now I have encountered an error with distance filtering (radius input).

In that input I use a MagicText (number). It is set up be default to have value of 5000

However for some reason component still displays object above that range…
I also have buttons that change this value ( on press action).

Component does not respond to changes in that magic text variable despite that Auto refresh option is turned on.

When I manually typed 5000 in radius input it still showed all teh objects above that range

Can you please take a look at that problem? Thanks!

P.s. It displays correct distance from me to objects and so on, but filtering itself does not work properly