Back online, I hope this makes a nice holiday season!

Hey All,

Happy Holidays (for the western countries).

If you are like me, the holiday season is a time for giving, and also a time to work on some hobby projects before starting a new year. So we wanted to make sure you all had the tools you needed to make this holiday season the most productive Adalo App creator season.

We spent some time looking at how we can bring our installer site back online and we figured it out, with one exception. Uninstalling components does not work yet, so when you install a component you cannot uninstall it until we figure out why it does not work.

With the site back online, we will also be firing up our component making engine to bring more of the components you have come to love. Thanks for all the support, at the time of this writing the last post has gained 51 hearts with a thread total of 322 hearts.

We also added the fixed signature canvas (not the cool one) that should now work on Safari/iOS

Best Regards and Happy Holiday Season,
The PragmaFlow Team


Hi, that’s very good news. Thank you so much for your effort.
I have a short question to the geolocation component. I have built an app with it and I am really happy with the outcome, but I have some small issues. I discribed them in a small 46-second video.

Do you maybe know how to solve them?
Best wishes,

Yes, now that our site is back online we can get around to fixing that up for you. I will try to get it fixed up tonight but it might only be tomorrow. as soon as it is fixed I will let you know.


OMG that’s amazing news!!! thank you guys for this Christmas gift!

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Ok, thank you very much :smiley:

Hans Beckhoff ist eines meiner Idole. ich habe vor jahren deutsch gelernt, um ihn zu treffen. mein deutsch ist nicht so gut, aber wenn du dich in deutsch wohler fuhlst, versuche ich es gerne


As you like:)

Sorry for the delay, things kept coming up. I believe I have resolve the issues with the geo filtered list. If you have Adalo open, please refresh the page and you should have the latest version.

Let me know if this solves your problems or if you find new issues.


Thank you very much, everything is working :smiley:

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