Airtable Offset

Hello. I have an Airtable instance and want to show the latest record in a different list than all the others. I read that post here: Limit on rows brought back from Airtable - #3 by NigelG. But I don’t really see how I should get an API response into another list. Does anyone have an idea for me? Thx, Thomas.

@thomasniederberger I don’t think there’s an easy way of doing this, but you can try this hack.

Everytime a new record is created, trigger an automation to update an entry in another table with single record. (You’ll have to overwrite this single record everytime a new entry is created in the main table)

Use that single record table as list in Adalo and show that record in another list you’re mentioning.


Thank You for the tipp. What a hack :smile: