Glitchy behaviour when returning to a screen

I am building an application to help manage use cases. I have had an earlier discussion which helped me a great deal: Editing individual fields using one generic editing screen

In short - I implemented a custom form so that I have a better looking layout and more consistent experience when editing the use case. Forms in Adalo - especially with multi line input are not that appealing unfortunately. This all works fine.

Clicking a filed in the use case now triggers an editing page which appears with a modal transition.

Now the bug: upon landing on the use case screen (regardless what related screen I come from): when I click too quickly on the next field to edit it I don’t get the right edit form: It doesn’t load the data for that field but the data for the title field instead. When it’s too fast it seems to loose track and defaults to the title field (which happens to be field #1)

  • I suspect that it has something to do with the load time required for the use case screen. This is supported by the finding that when I get to the use case screen from the list of use cases and I click on any field quickly: it also defaults to editing the same field (title in my case)
  • it’s consistently wrong: always defaults to the same field
  • I have tried having any link to the use case screen to also first update the custom state value to empty, zero or anything for that matter. No change in behavior

Any ideas to explore are welcome!

@Yongki thanks for helping me out earlier!

Never mind - solved it myself. Apologies.

What I did wrong: I had the custom state field set to 1 by default on visiting the use case screen. This was part of a flow to make sure that whenever the title was empty a user would always have to enter a title. That worked but it had the aforementioned bug as a side effect. The check whether the title was empty happened after setting the custom state to 1. Apparently users were able to click and start the link to the edit screen with the custom state field still set to 1.

I fixed this by changing the action that sets the field value to 1 to happen only upon visiting the screen AND only when the title field is empty - this solved it.

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