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Hey Adalo Community,

I’ve ran into an issue:
In my application a user can create and assign tasks. I’ve also built an edit task feature in which the creator of the tasks can edit the task. They have the ability to change:

  • Assigned User
    -Task Due Date
    -Associated project
    -Description of Task

When I open edit task and only change the description it’s deleting the task on save. I’ve pin pointed it to the fact that it’s updating the task without a selected user.

Any suggestions or solutions that will allow a user to edit only a few parts of a record?

It looks like your edit form is a custom one. If you use a form component, Adalo will populate the values for each element in the form.

If you need to use custom forms and avoid the risk of not having a user assigned to the task, then have edit options depending on what you want to edit. “Edit the user”, “edit the project”, and “edit the description”. Each option takes the user to a specific form that only allows for editing that piece of information about the task and nothing else.


Hi Julian,

In your Custom Form add default values for inputs and drop downs. Then they will not become empty.

Made a video that can help you!

Thank you


Wow thank you! Such a simple fix… Only thing is, It won’t let me put a default date in my date picker for changing the due date

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Your Welcome!

Yep that can be a feature request.

I believe there are some requests for this. Try to search them if not create a new request.

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