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How to make all the lines appear (right screen on left screen) by pressing the edit button?
ps: for an announcement modification only for the user and not for the public

Hi, trying to understand the requirement. You want the form to show the default values, based on what is already saved on the database?

yes exactly, the fields are empty when I click on the edit button

If you use a form, rather than building the input fields separately, the defaults will be there.

However if you need to build your own input fields where you can put a default. You can see at the bottom the option for default. (this example is a dropdown)

You can pick a default value from the available data on the screen, either ‘current’ data or ‘logged in user’. In the below screenshot we can choose logged in user > store, because i have a relationship set up between ‘stores’ and 'users.

The below example shows a text field, and how to set a default.

Overall the easiest option is just to use the Adalo built-in form component, then you don’t have to worry about these things.

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is there a parameter to be made on the edit button?

It needs to link to the other screen. And you need to check both screens have the current data you need available.

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