GoneCamping.Life Mobile

Well, it’s finally at a point to start showing around. We did a web version but have spent much time working on the mobile version. We will be releasing the PWA version first… but it is in TestFlight now to release next in iOS.


Feedback is always welcomed! :slight_smile:


I’ll sign up and take a look

If this is for the public, I’m afraid, you aren’t going to onboard more than 5 users.
Too many visibility conditions on your app is making it lag…Work on the user experience to optimize the best functionalities Adalo has to offer. You don’t need all those elements. You have to rethink the UX for thumb reach, and apply a minimalist approach, else…

Congratulations, it looks good.

Speed / lag wise wasn’t an issue for me, but I would say there doesn’t appear to be lots of data in there as yet. I would definitely recommend loading in plenty of records to all tables to really road test it.

I think if you used ‘none’ as the transition for the bottom menu links, then it would feel slicker.
I hope that it works out well for you!

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Hi it is a Great App! One thing I would add is the Preloader From https://adalo.pragmaflowservers.com/install-component this will preload everything so there is no more loading and the app looks faster than before


Thanks Rozza… I can look at removing the transitions. I will keep an eye on the load times. We’ve been working on this for a while, and… still not ready for the app store. Close. We want the users dashboard to be a good snapshot without having to click through multiple screens to get somewhere. I think we have achieved this. To some it may be to much but campers want more details - not less. There’s a social element to the app too… see screenshot. You can share your trips with your followers or select to keep them private.

Thanks GrantWoods… I will check that out. :slight_smile:

Just an FYI - the preloader works great with the PWA version but it does not work at all on iOS (Test Flight) - it produces a blank white screen only. Would of been great if it had worked with iOS too. :frowning:

Found a bug when hitting the setting button in the menu it sends you to create chat

when moving from the bottom tabs are not sliding in the right directions

Also having the back buttons on the main tabs go home