Introducing Gone Camping Life Web App

It’s ready to unveil… I have transformed my print camping journal to a digital camping journal format for my customers.

First step is the web app and the phone app will come later this year.

Here are some screenshots but feel free to check it out at: GCLife App

It’s in test mode now but its live and accessible.

One last note: I love Adalo! I have used many mobile app platforms and this is by far #1 on my list. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the future.


Looks great! I wish I could figure out how to work alignment and spacing on the web version. I just can’t seem to figure that out. Also, you have a missing screen when you click on the user profile image while in their profile (I think thats where you’re at).

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This looks awesome. how did you get it to show up without the phone screen around it? Everytime I try to publish my website it just looks like the phone mockup, rather than a functioning website. Does that make sense?

Hello, I used the desktop web app format when I designed it, not the phone.

I assumed that. I just can’t figure out how to get things to show on the website the same way they show up on the editor…

Very well designed app! Lots of cool functionality. When I get an RV, I’ll definitely use it!

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The design is so good! Congrats!

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hey…what screen size did you use? or are you using something to help with responsive webapp?

App not found :frowning:
Is it down or is Adalo messing up on you?

You need to experiment with resizing the screen to see how the responsiveness works and use invisible rectangles to keep things in their place and trick adalo into thinking there are elements full width so content won’t be moved around.

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Nice design, looks great, hope you have lots of success with it.

Looks clean and engaging! Love it!