Good afternoon, please tell me how to fix this problem in adalo

On the previous few screens I uploaded the cover as in the screenshot and everything was fine. But now everything is loaded in pixels and not good quality. And on any screen and in any project. The extension of the picture is 2250x4002. If I do not load a cover, but a separate picture, the quality is also bad. How to correct?

Adalo actually has a lot of design flaws. Everything is often crooked or cannot be seen in previews.

Try compressing your image first to smaller dimensions. Instead of 2250x4002, resize and compress the image to 400x711 pixels.

What’s happening is that Adalo is compressing your image and displaying it from a CDN. You want to provide a resolution that’s close to the size rendered to prevent as much compression as possible.

This is usually because you have visibility settings and need to add some rectangles to hold components in place. If you provide more information about what you are having issues with, we can try to help you fix them. Without information, we can’t help troubleshoot.

Adding to what @Flawless indicated. Always resize your images to the final size they will have in the app.

If the presentation will be 200x500, then adjust the image size to that.

It will significantly reduce the loading time. Smaller images = faster loading.

Yes, that’s how I solved the problem. From 2250x4002 should have been changed to 2250x4000. I guess I should have rounded up the number. Thanks, if you have any questions, I’ll ask here.