Out of size on phone, but properly sized on Adalo?

I tried resizing the images of my app, yet, when I install the app through QRCode/web, it gets unsized, out of screen. Is it an issue of Adalo, web or QRCode? How do I fix it?

Can you share some screenshots?

sure, here they are:

First pic is from my pc on Adalo, developing.
The second is from my mobile screen. (Had to upload to imgur since I can only add one SS per topic.

Hey @skiehz, it looks like your images are set to cover which will have the image scale to fill the entire space, so what I’m assuming is happening is your phone you’re testing on is a bit bigger than what the screen sizes are in the editor, thus the image has to scale a bit to fill the space. You could change the fill mode from cover to contain and that would always show the entire image, however, it won’t always fill the space.

Sorry, I’m new to all this. Where is this option located? I tried looking for it and didn’t find anything.
Plus, is it possible to insert IF’s commands?
Thanks in advance.

For the image cropping, here is a short example:

For if you can use conditional actions! In your action, click show advanced and change the Always to Sometimes and setup whatever conditional logic you want for that action :slight_smile:

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@zachbharris would you mind giving me an example on how to create this if condition?

  • I would like to show a message to the user if he tries to create an appointment that was already taken&not create it.
  • Also, is it possible to change the date&hour for a calendar showing the available & not-available dates?
    I dont know if its understandable, anything, just let me know!


I cant choose condition for this button?