Google/Apple Sign up - double click only

Have just integrated the components for Google and Apple Sign up.
User pushes the button, then in pop-up screen he chooses a Google/Apple account he wants to use for sign up and confirms it.
After that he is returned to initial screen and needs to push Google/Apple sign up button again - only then he goes to next screens.
Does it works like this within your apps also?
It is not evident for a user that he should click twice.

Hi Artem,

Are you using your app as a PWA version?

Also the Google/Apple Sign in might take a couple of seconds to sign in/sign up.

Hi James!
The described flow works the same on Android, iOS and PWA.
And I did wait a dozen of seconds - nothing happens without I press the button for the second time.

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I found the reason for such a flow. It worked like this because I linked to Google/Apple Sign in buttons actions (updates, links), which are be to executed “sometimes” (not “always”). And the number of “push the button” depends on how many conditional actions is linked to the Google/Apple Sign in button. When I change the action execution to “always” one single push on the “Google/Apple Sign in button” gives the result.

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The solution is not a resolution (( It doesn’t work stably. Double “push the button” is needed even after I use one single action on the button without any conditions. A bug, maybe.

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