Google books probelm with volume id

I successfully integrated google books external collection. I also created a book collection so when users search they can add the google book to their post. To do this i have a custom results list when the users search the google books with a add button with the action of create “book”. I created properties under the book list so i cant transfer over data from the external collection. However I am running into a problem. i have a number property to get the volumeid and everytime i create a book, the volume id is the only thing that doesn’t transfer over. But when I create a text property for the volume id it does?

I would like to create a button list to delete the book when it is created and a user wants to remove the book the problem is, i need to filter the button list where volumeid equals google book volume id and i can’t do that because the volume id is not transferring over.

Regarding the volume id issue, it’s interesting that it doesn’t transfer as expected. Creating a text property for the volume id is a clever workaround, but it’s understandable that you’d want to resolve the original problem. Sometimes, data transfer issues can be related to data types or formatting, so double-checking those aspects might help.

Hello, the volume ID in the images that you’ve provided can contain (+ or -) characters which requires it to be a text property not a number property.

Thank you!

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