Google Sign In Issues

I have jus been approved for release on the Play Store but my Google Sign in look like this:

I have my Oath 2.0 Client ID set up so I know my Client ID but the sign in with Google advice on Adalo says I don’t need to do anything with it. I am lost?!?

Ps I’ve also enabled Google Sign in on Firebase.

I’ve also tried changing the SHA-1 certificate fingerprint to the one registered to my app in the Play Console.

Can anyone suggest anything I’m missing please?

I would double-check the sign-in with google button and make sure both the web client ID and IOS client ID is populated in adalo. Plus make sure your android bundle ID is correct on both adalo and google. I had few issues myself with my team, I just went through the steps again from scratch one by one and it worked.

hope this will help you

Thank you for replying. When you say make sure the client ID for Android is correct on Adalo, where do I display this? It only lets me do it for web or iOS.

I’ll have a look at that last bit again. Thank you.

The message you are getting is because you didn’t add the Web Client ID. Follow the instruction again, make sure it is working on the web preview first, and when you set up the Android client ID make sure the Android App Bundle ID you use is the same bundle ID used when you build the APK for Android App. I hope this helps.

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