Login google is broken?

is broken the login with google? it was working before but not today, log in with normal flow and apple is working fine. So after introduce the information remains in the same page and I have the link to inicio, so its not creating the user in the database

I have the same problem now, i can’t use the sign in by google in the previewer before it was working fine

Same here. On the previewer it does not work at all.
And on the phone, on chrome when clicked on the button it takes us to the Google Accounts menu on the phone.
Very weird

@Colin Could you please help with this?

I have this on TestFlight right now - the button just doesn’t appear correctly, only showing the Google logo

It seems now is working correctly

I had this problem before only in the previewer, then it was working on the previewer and in the app on all my phones but 2 days ago the google login stopped working in the app on my phones? I rebuild the APK but nothing changed. now I only can use google login in the previewer :thinking:

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