Google Map Component Resetting When Modal is Exited

My Google Map component is resetting every time I exit from a modal. This wasn’t happening previously. Does anyone know why this is happening or how to resolve it? When I press back on other modals and go back to the previous screen, the previous screen remains unchanged, which is what I’m expecting from my map. I don’t want it reloading every time.

Hi @Emeka
Is this in preview mode or a native build? If so…When was the build made?

Hello, concerning the button that exists on the modal screen, does it contain a (Link back) or (Link to screen) option?

Thank you!

Hi @Rozza - This issue occurs in preview mode and the native build. This build was made last week, but the app has been up and running for several months.

I’ve also recently noticed that the map no longer automatically shows all markers when you first open it but instead is only focused on one marker, forcing the user to zoom out. No changes have been made to the Map component, so I have no idea why this change has occurred.

Hi @Ali-Bazzi - the button is a Link back. Link is back is the correct method right?

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