Remove reverse transition screen

Hello ! I use modal transition the transition moves slightly the whole screen to the side. Does anyone have an idea of how to do that without moving the background (previous screen)? I would like remove the possibility of come back to the previous with finger (reverse screen)
Thank you :slight_smile:

Make sure the button that has the link to the modal is set as a modal transition and not the default “push” transition.

Thank you for your reply but it’s the same thing, on phone I can go back to the previous screen with finger slide, this bugged the application a bit.
Any other idea ?

Check that the screen sizes are the same size and/or there aren’t any hidden elements messing up things. It’s hard to help you without seeing the project itself, even if you were to post a video of the behaviour. Hopefully someone else who has encountered this can help.

Good luck!

Another idea would be to have input field changed and put action in the visit screen to link to another screen.

At normal times, visit screen will run actions.

So if you want to prevent back, this visit action with conditional will move to other directed screen.