Google Map is not working on Android phone

I’m not too sure why Google Map is not working on Android phone but works fine on IOS. Does anyone knows what’s happening?

Hi @QYing,

Please check Help Docs | Map for information on how to set the component up. In particular, it may be helpful to recheck Step 2 (specifically 2.4). If everything is set up well, please raise a Support Ticket so we can look into this further!


Hi @Adalo_CXTeam
I’ve followed exactly the same procedure but nothing it happening

Hi @QYing,

Does it works with Preview? Is there a JSON added for styling?

Also Submitting a support ticket will be good to look at it closer for Adalo Team like @Adalo_CXTeam mentioned!

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera
It does work on Preview but not on any android phone. Don’t think there’s JSON added for styling.

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