Maps is not working in APK but OK in Web

Google maps works fine when I test it on “Preview”. But I uploaded the APK to the Play Store (Android) and it stopped working.

This issue was already posted but no response

This would be very important for me. So can you help?

Hi @Phoenix, I believe the issue is because you didn’t enable the SDK API for Android.

And for some reason, Adalo didn’t mention this in their step guide :thinking:
@Colin am I on to something?

YES! It works :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot @Devops

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You’re welcome @Phoenix :blush:

PS: please feel free on upvoting one of my Google maps feature requests so we can take this a step further, I’m sure this will benefit the community :point_down:

Thanks for pointing that out @Devops. I have updated the help doc to include this now!

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