Google Map - Multiple Marker question

the form i have is from and to where users indicate their locations and map automatically should show below 2 locations. I tried cities and lat and lag no use in case of multiple markers selected. with single marker just city works fine.

Do you want to clone the app to me and I will have a quick look.
DM if you prefer.

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Hello, I made an app for a client about renting his properties and he wants to use the map with the locations… likewise with the pins… but when I entered google I saw the high costs of using their api… how would you do it you?

They do have a generous ‘free’ offering. $200 per month if I recall.
That would cover most small app needs.

But good practice would be storing the lat/lon at first creation of the record. Then reference that.
If you just use an address then the API calculates the lat/lon for each address in a list, every time. And those actions come off your $200 allowance.

I don’t have another way to do it, but the most efficient way perhaps.

Thanks for the answer, if I’m looking for that information and see how it works… I’ll be investigating or looking for a tutorial

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