Multiple markers on a product page map


I’m trying to display multiple markers on a product page map. I already added several adresses to my database collection, and tried to do some settings as below :

Unfortunately it doesn’t work :cry:
Can you help me?

Thanks a lot!

Only add 1 address line in that field. It will automatically pull all addresses in the database that way.

See screenshots:


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I think I didn’t explained as I should: I have multiple locations for a unique place (see the capture below). I want to display all the markers for one place on one map, but it doesn’t work. I also tried your way but it still displays one marker only (which I guess is normal).

I see, you should break that down into another collection.

“Mini Circuit” collection
“Steps” collection (Name, Description, Location)

Add a one-to-many relationship between mini-circuit collection and steps collection where Mini-circuit can have many steps and a step belongs to 1 mini-circuit.

Then, you can have multiple markers set to “Steps” collection with a filter “Current mini-circuit > Steps > All”

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