Multiple Markers White Screen Issue with Google Maps

Hey all!

So, I’m working on an event based app that requires the use of multiple markers.

I’ve watched all the tutorials and read other related posts on here; HOWEVER, I am having the time of my life trying to figure out why I’m getting a blank white screen when I add another location address to the record.

The map and marker shows up when there is only one location listed in the record, but when I add another location, I get the white screen. Could anyone shed any light(no pun intended) on this?? Thanks in advance, I will spread your legend near and far!

@Colin hey colin, could you give some insight on this? I see in one thread you mentioned that this issue usually happens when an address isn’t valid, however, I checked and the addresses I’m using are valid. Does Adalo have a particular format that it prefers address be written?