Google Map - Multiple Marker question

I love Adalo… exactly the tool that I was looking for. I understand enough about databases, and UI/UX to take an idea and (hopefully can) implement it. Thank you, Adalo Team & community!

It has been smooth sailing until I ran into an issue.

I have a collection that has location (geo data) fields - City, State Code among other fields.
The preview displays the maps for each of geo information in a list view, when I wire single markers to each of the city/state code. (as I expected)

But when I try to display all the geo locations in ONE map using the Map-multiple markers option to wire all the city/state code in the collection, the preview mode does not display the map.

Wonder what I am missing? Can you help?.. thanks

Have you used the Google Map - Multiple Markers option to display mutliple markers on a map (on an app screens)? Does it work for you?

Make the address in single column (For single address in single column) that will show all marker.

thank you @ahmedferdaus Not sure why the Multiple Markers mapping option stopped working earlier. But seems to working back again (after rewiring everything all over again) with address information from multiple columns.

That’s great!! @Kishore

Adalo makes life more easier :star_struck:

Having the same issue.

Multiple markers sometimes doesn’t display the map, sometimes it does.

It may be that one of the addresses isn’t geocoded or something. But not sure that displaying nothing is really the way forward.

Can you provide an example where this is happening so we can look into it further.

Wow, Colin from the Twitter :slight_smile: :wave:

Rather embarrassingly the map marker issue is only in “Preview” (I don’t think it likes some of by Geo Addresses) but works in “Share”.

:slight_smile: :wave:

That is strange it doesn’t work in preview still but works in Share.

I will investigate it further, thanks Nigel.

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Sorry, me and my map again.

So, if I set the “maximum number of markers” to 75 then the map shows. ThereThere are 71 markers.

If I leave it blank then the map doesn’t show.

Thanks for passing on that info. I will make sure the team is aware so they can investigate further whether there is something we can do on our sides to fix that.

Thanks. Should I be able to have more than 70ish markers?

Yes, I think there should not be such a limitation imposed.

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It was Airtable doing the limitation :slight_smile:

I love adalo.
And I’m trying to use the map function.
If it is a single marker, it will be displayed normally, but
For multiple markers, even “sharing” doesn’t even show the map on the screen.

I would be grateful if you could give me some advice.

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