Google Play's target API level requirements

Am I the only one getting this error?

We got the same warning! I don’t know if a fresh build will resolve it, I haven’t seen any update on the issue from Adalo. Anyone?

EDIT: So we did a fresh build and seems like the SDK is now 34 and API is 23+, whereas the old build 7 months ago was SDK 33 / API 21+. So fingers crossed that will make the warning go away. The new release is of course still in review, I’ll let you know if it will be approved.

EDIT2: The new release was approved and the warning is now gone.

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Hi @anar, we all got the same error for old apps, we just have to update the SDK to 34 and make it API 23+, recently I did the same for one of my client, google play console has removed the policy error ( I got the deadline 31st August for updating the same ), If we do not update the SDK to 34 then it’s mentioned that we won’t be able to release any version for that app

I have got the same warning (indeed, everybody have, I believe).
I issued a new update and uploaded it - now waiting to be reviewed.
Previously that solved this problem; hope that will work out fine this time, too.

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It Will ( Atleast it worked for me ! )

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