Add users to a chat

Hello everybody! In my app, users can create their own chats, and I want them to be allowed to add a bunch of people with one click
For example:
When setting up their account, users select from the drop-down list which is their favorite animal
And later, the user wants to create a chat about rabbits, and he wants to add everyone who has chosen rabbits as a favorite animal
Is it possible to do this?
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Helenakin,

As for me I don’s see a quick an easy way to do it, though I might be wrong.

Possible workarounds could be:

  • use countdown timer approach: after creating the conversation, have a screen with users list filtered by animals (“animals fans”) and put countdown there, add a “countdown finish” action to add current user to current conversation as a member.
    Please keep in mind this won’t work for large fans list.
  • use something like Integromat to do the same.

Best regards, Victor.

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