Group Layer Visibility

I am building an admin screen that shows users by business department and on the bottom of the screen there is a drop down that says
Create New User
Create New Role

I then have two groups, a Create New User Group and Create New Role Group.

I have tried to set the visibility so that when the Admin selects Create New User the Create New User Group shows and vice versa.

I can sometimes get one Group to show but not the other. Also one group tends to show up even when the condition is clearly false.

Help. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to how adalo manages visibility of groups.

The only way I got the User group to come up was to delete the New Role layer.

Hi Erik, can you post some screenshots of the visibility rules you have created for these groups please

Hi Colin,
I got the image groups to come up properly depending on what select item was picked. However, as you know in another post, clicking the X or the Check and I can’t get rid of the group, because I can’t reset the select entry. So everything looks good until you actual try and enter data or cancel…

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