Using a dropdown in an input form

I have an input form for an admin to create users, and one of the fields is a dropdown with a list of roles to select from.

I can update all the other fields except for the one with the dropdown.
How do you update the roles when the user selects the role?

Hi Erik,

Can you give a few more details on the setup of your database and the flow the user takes to get here and what the end result should be?

Hi Colin,
Well the above, was kind of expecting that you could actually select a data elemet from the Select Input options. So as to either clear the entry or change it to something else, if I wanted to change the visibility of another group. However, it seems Adalo does not have the ability to reach into the database and allow you to select an item. Or alternatively to simple set the select to “Empty”
Am I close?

Sorry Erik but I am not fully following your request here.

Is the issue that you cannot set the select field for that property type? I see in the screenshot from the first post you are scrolling further into the select, but if that dropdown component has a collection attached to it, you should be able to just click on the “Select role” part of that screenshot.

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Yes the selection is set by a collection with functions: create new user, create new role. I even put a dummy role in called “select admin function” and had the selector sort z-a so that it would be first in the list. This ensures all groups are not visible at the beginning.

The issue is when I am in a layer that has been made visible by the select box, when I click on ok or cancel there is no way to reset the select box to make the group not visible.

With the dummy select option added I have also tried bringing up a blank modal screen and returning back to the calling screen expecting it to refresh and resort the select box to set everything back to normal - it does not - and it looks awful.


Hi Erik,

You can just click that first “Select Role” option to set the role for this user.

However, you are correct in that Adalo does not have a way to reset the dropdown field to empty again. The best solution so far is to create a record (or option) called “None” or similar.

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That is not really a usable solution, since users expect things to update and return to the previous screen, and do not expect to have to update and then change the select box.

The other option is to create the form from scratch and create a list with a toggle or similar, but that kind of leaves you with the same situation I think.

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