Is it possible to add multiple users that are inside a group to an other group of another collection, in one time?

Hi to all.
I have a empty special group and I want to add all users taken from a other group in one time and just selecting the original group and pressing a action button.
The relation is one Special group to many users and many Special groups to one group.
With the multiple choice dropdown list I can select the users in a selected group and put them in another group, selecting “select all” and than update del Special group in an action of a button.

But I’d like to do that just selecting a group and press a action button without using the dropdown list.

I’m quite sure it can be done using a custom action and “Make” (former Integromat), but I’d like to do that without custom action.

Any idea?


Hey there @EvilDice

Not sure if this is 100% the same but hopefully this tutorial video I made awhile back can help: How To Add A Collection of Items To Another Collection of Items Within Adalo - YouTube

Hey there @Flawless

thanks for your answer.
I saw this video tutorial before and after your post I rewatch it.
I test but it doesn’t work.

The problem is the user collection.
In the video he create a task and add all tasks to a website.
In my case I have a event where to add some users.
The action can’t see the user’s collection and can’t be added to event.
May the problem is the users collection. Because is little different from the others.
I can try to create a copy of the users colletion and see what happen.

@Flawless I just realize the author of the video is you :sweat_smile:

Greeat job in your channel :+1:

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Thank you :wink:

Can you show how your database is set up and how you want the groups to work? If you could describe in more detail what the collections are and what they do, it may be easier to come up with a solution.

Hey @Flawless ,

thanks for answer.

I am creating an APP where there are events where some will be private (visible only to a broadcast list or to users belonging to a specific group) and public events.

The collections are:
“Users” m-to-m “groups”
“Users” m-to-m “Events”
“Groups” o-to-m “Events”

When an event is created, you are asked whether the event is public or private.
If private, you are asked whether:

  1. To all friends
  2. To a broadcast list (if there is no BL, the system makes you create it)
  3. To a group

Not sure if it is better to authorize groups or a list of users.
However the goal is to insert more users in the “authorized users” field.

Below is a small video of the app.
I have not yet implemented the privacy management system.
I need to insert the custom filter in the list that show All public events and all events where the logged user is authorized drectly o because he belongs to a authorizd group.


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