Grouping items in a dropdown together?

I have created a dropdown box which lists cities that members are from which then filters a list of users based on what the person selects from the dropdown.

It works pretty good apart from two things:

  1. It lists the same thing multiple times. The “City” property in the db is a text item. Perhaps making it a list to select from would solve this so it reads it as the same property? Or is there another trick to achieve this?

  2. Sometimes when I click on a member profile to take me to a new screen “My profile screen” and then go back… the filter no longer works and nothing is displayed.

2020-04-04 13_08_21-Window

Do you have multiple records for Amsterdam in your collection?

As it is a text input field in a form. Yes.

Should I try to implement a dropdown field in replacement to text input field in order to eradicate duplicates?

Yeah, that’s probably the way to go.