Handle Custom Action request and share it between screens

Hello guys,

I’m a newbie to Adalo and I have several questions, could you please help me?

  1. I’ve added a Custom Action with REST request (user registration) to the third party service. It works fine and I receive the correct response (lets name it RegUser):

*Image removed by Adalo*

But when I’m trying to register the user who already exists, server returns the expected error with description:

*Image removed by Adalo*

Is there any way to handle that error just like I handle the success response?

  1. Can I share the RegUser object from the response between screens without saving it to the database?



I will try that…but please obscure your Backendless App ID and REST API key :point_left:


*Text removed by Adalo*

I meant DO NOT share your keys :disappointed:

No problem, that’s a test app without any data and Backendless allows to share these keys because of another ways of data protection. I’ve shared them in case to help you check the error response.

I have removed the screenshots and the text for the APP ID and API Keys. This info should remain private regardless of other security measures. It’s good practice to not share these keys and I don’t want to encourage the sharing of these keys in a public forum.

To answer your question. You can make use of the response of the custom action on the screen you call it from. However, if you are wanting to push that data to a new screen, you will have to save it to a collection.

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