Hashdack or "types"

Hi all, I am making an application where I need to make a class of labels or hashdacks as an example. I don’t know how to do it I urgently need help I’ve been trying for days and I can’t do it, more clearly and with an example of what I want to do, is like “something” now this “thing” has properties that would be the hashdacks now I want it to be related to the other “things”, like as a socialmedia an example, publications have hasdacks and hashdacks have all these publications

Or an example of a market, market have many products, Milk is an product Milk is related whit cows by hashdack something like this jajaj i dont know how to explain

Someone? It’s like assigning properties or class to a list item like a hastack in a post or like a product, which in this example this product can be in the “food” section

Hello, I sent you a message.

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Hi thanks. in discord adalo communit i solve problem.
If you want to do it try this video. it is perfect for this. Thanks to everyone who wanted to help!


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