Have you been learning anything new these days? Tell me all about it!

If you have any decency, any decency at all…

Go tell a kid in your life that learning only gets better as you get older.

You can choose what you want to study.

Ditch a hobby or craft if you start to hate it.

Take a class for an afternoon, or for a decade — your choice.

Learning doesn’t end as you grow up. And, TBH, it’s one of my favorite parts of adulting.

I just purchased a Udemy course on learning React.js and React Native.

I’m on video 7 out of 289 and I’ll admit that it’s still a little intimidating, even though I have substantial knowledge of other coding languages. Basically, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone to learn React.

I know that I’m not going to be a React expert overnight and I know it’s going to take some time to even just become proficient.

Scary but exciting!

Have you been learning anything new these days? Tell me all about it!


I’ve been working on a new startup that is developing, designing & manufacturing a potentially market disrupting product, which has involved international deal negotiations, tons of legal work, trademark law, business planning, and investor relations. Talk about LEARNING. It’s a far cry from my relatively comfortable life of operating a residential paint contracting company for the last (nearly) couple decades. Sometimes I’m absolutely terrified. But most of the time I’m PUMPED!

Oh, and not to mention learning Adalo over the last 9 months; developing and now being like 90% deployed with a comprehensive business management app that is doing my old job for me has also been a righteous experience. It’s been tough, frustrating a lot of the time, but MAN has it paid off. Able to dive head first into a new venture and keep on with the mission of lifetime learning while preserving a tether to my existing company and securing my income whether or not my startup fails or succeeds. GO TECHNOLOGY!

I couldn’t agree more with the general attitude of your post, @Flawless. What an uplifting thing to come across. Thanks!


Can’t wait to hear more when about the “market disrupting product”. Sounds intriguing.

Definitely a different industry and a huge learning curve for ya there.

Kudos for leveling up!


Well, I’ve been learning Adalo which is quite a challenge. And very, very fun! As an educator, yeah, I agree, the gift of education is the greatest gift you can give to young people. Read to your kids before bedtime. Birthdays and Xmas, give them gifts like magazine subscriptions, their choice; educational toys like those 60-in-one electronics project kits. Use your imagination and kids will grow an imagination too.