Preview and Share not working

I am looking to understand why when I go to preview and share i can’t see anything but the preview and share showing errors. This is concerning since I am testing the app to a private group today

Hi Trey,

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Did you try refreshing the multiple times? Clearing your cache and cookies?

This didn’t fix it and and im not sure why it isnt working

is it showing a white screen? can you press CTRL + SHIFT + I and look at the red console errors?

Thats not working. this is all im seeing

Could you send a cloneable link for your app so I can try it on my side?

I’m having the exact same issue. I have a deadline to showcase some wireframes, and as soon as I signed back up, the preview option give the: The connection was reset. error. All cookies and cache cleared. Using chrome browser. Edge and Opera do not work at all. The workspace does not show.

Can you send some screenshots of this? What are the steps that makes this happen, because I’ll try to recreate it on my end.

You can see screenshots above of what the issue is

Can you do CTRL + SHIFT + I so I can see the console errors?

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