Having Trouble generating QR codes from User uploaded files

Newbie here, and am building an app that would generate QR codes from User uploaded files, and would also allow them to download the QR.
I cant seem to get the Nocoder QR generator to point to the URL of the uploaded file(s)
Actually, I am not sure HOW to point to the URL from Nocoder.
I am familiar with adding an action to point to a URL (barely) but when I add the Nocoder generator to a screen, it only gives me the option for Magic Text.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Many thanks in advance!

Hi @knarf,

To get the file data you need the current file data on that screen! You need to come from a screen that has a list connected to that collection where the files stored! Then on the screen where the QR Code Generator located you can add the Current File > URL ( I believe the file stored in a File Property ) from magic text!

If you can add some screenshots or a video to show us the current setup and the database will be useful!

Thank you

Hi Dilon!
Thanks so much for your response. I think I understand and I think I was able to get it to work. However, once it creates the QR code, how can I have the user download it ? There does not seem to be a way to execute that-( of course, I am a newbie and there probably is- I just dont see it…lol)
I am attaching some screen shots- but perhaps a bit of explanation is necessary. I am just starting the build, but this app will have a front end and a back end. By that I mean that i mean there will be a User"creator" and a User “consumer” on the back end. So User creator will upload songs, create a QR code that the song is attached to(via the URL), and can either downloadthe QR or store it in his “shop” where a user “consumer” will be able to purchase and download the QR code with the song.
Thats the gist of the app. If you have any pointers I am all ears! below are screen shots of screens thus far and databases.
Here are some screen shots so you can see where I am at:

Thanks so much- will wait for your input!

Also…1 more(possibly dumb) question, once the QR code is downloaded or saved, is there a way to assign a password to open the file (ie…url)?

I see that this component gives the Base 64 URL. Let me check how you can do that!

Like enter the password in the app and then if it is correct go to the screen where the the Qr code generator located?

re: password, no I meant a password attached to either the QR code or once the code is scanned attached to the URL ?

re: saving or downloading the qr code …Thank you!! I will wait for your reply!

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