New to Adalo - will I be able to satisfy following specs?

Hi everyone, thanks for your help.
Trying to to vet if Adalo is the right nocode app to build the wellness challenge app I’m designing.

Some components that my app will need at a minimum:
1 - community chat
2 - membership/multiple events paywall
3 - merchandise shop
4 - logging and activity tracker
5 - movement tracker (for running activities)
6 - events management
7 - video streaming or on demand
8 - automated email marketing
9 - participants management

Thanks for your help!

Hello @coachesunited,

Welcome to Adalo!

1: Community chat is 100% doable in adalo yes

2: of course you can have payment, Adalo provides you with Stripe or IAP or even 3rd party component for Square or Paypal

3: You can for sure have that and display merchandise shops

4: Logging and activity tracker is doable

5: This is not doable within Adalo itself, you might think of having a 3rd party component

6: doable

7: same as 5

8,9: doable yes

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