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how can i create an app that will send a notification and messege to all people using my app

Hey there @uwagreat

Add 2 inputs and a button.
Name the first input “Title Input” and the 2nd “Body Input”

On the button, add a “Trigger notification” action and set it to “All Users”

Fill the Title with the Title Input (Other Components > Title Input)
Fill the Body with the Body Input (Other Components > Body Input)
Set the screen you want the visitor to visit when the push notification is clicked.

That’s it.


for example im the admin and i want a particular message to be sent to all users that have downloaded my app
how can i create an app to be the admin and send messages to user that will appear as a notification on their app

Hi @uwagreat

You can add the Trigger Notification action on a button on your Admin screen and select the Recipient as All Users and fill the other fields like Mario said!

And you don’t receive notifications on PWA’s/Preview and only receive on Native Apps.

you must make a true/false of admin … then in the database you put admin>true to that user … and when you are going to send the notification you can filter the users that admin>false … then the system sends to all …

In the users app you make a page that says notifications and add a list of notifications, then when they enter you can make a badge notification … it will reach their cell phone and if they enter the app they can see it on the notification page.

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