Help about current variable in a list

Hi There,

I’m trying to create a list which shows the leagues that the user has joined and I want it to display each leagues name, number of members and profile picture. But when I access that screen it shows all leagues to have the same name and number of members depending which one is current but the profile pictures stay correct.
So when muffin is current.

I click back and then the leagues look like this

but if i change the current league by clicking one of the leagues then click back

The name and members changes to tests variable.

What I’m asking is how do I make the name and number of members remain a constant like the profile picture is.

Hi @Eddie11255,

Is it possible to show your setup and preview through a video?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera

I fixed it, I was just using logged in user rather than current user. I spent so much time looking at it I couldn’t see it. I came back after a sleep and saw it instantly. Thank you for the response though.

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