The list of members of a chat is not displayed

Hi all!

I have created a chat, which is made up of administrators and members. The problem I have is that in the menu I have entered 2 lists, one of members and another of the administrators of that conversation, but the list option “current conversation> Admin or members” is not shown so that the one I want appears, I only get “logged in user> admin or members” and “current user> admin / members”. None of the 4 options in image 1 works.

This page has a link from the chat menu, which in turn has a ling from the chat to have the data. In the data available on this page, the one with the list, “current user” and “current conversation” appear as data.

What am I overlooking?

Surely it will be something insignificant, but it is the only thing I have left to finish my chat and I have only been with this problem for 2 days.

Can you help me please?

Hi @Lofi ,

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I think you have connected the list to the Conversation collection. Change it to the Users collection and then you will see Current Conversation>Users,Admins.

Thank you

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Perfect! the list of members appears to me!
Thank you very much for your help!

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Great and Your Welcome!

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