Help copy o pdf

Hello, I have a pwa order app. When a client places an order, I would like to be able to copy and paste it into an excel, or export it as pdf or excel … how should I do it?

Hello Santiago,

take a look at this tutorial to create a pdf file.

I hope this helps,


Hello, thanks for the answer, the problem that for each action you have to pay external services, in this case integromat (which I must learn to use) and eledo … I did not know that to press the left button copy and paste in PWA you have to do so many steps … i’m looking for alternatives

Hi Santiago :wave:

If you want to get the details of your collection you can download the CSV file


and it’s downloading the CSV file in your device. ( Excel Document)

But you have to do this all day ( I mean like today,tomorrow and so on) If it is good you can try. Otherwise you have to connect Like Integromat, Eledo etc.

Thank you

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