Help creating an edit feature

I have created an app for sale items. However, I want the user who created the listing to edit the listing every time they want and to make it sometimes visible. I need help with this one!

@eronmix are you looking to make the post invisible based on seller’s update?

I don’t want other users to edit other users listing.

You can do this by having an edit icon on the post and make the icon visible only to the creator of that post.

Ok… However, what I need to do for the user to edit their own listing? Do I have to create another database for that?

I don’t think so, you can create a relationship between listing and users.

1 (user) : Many (listings) - a user can have many listings but a listing belongs to one user. This will bind the user to the listing and allows him/her to perform the admin action

Ok, so what are my options for that? I know is already a feature that the user can update their own profile. But I want the user to update their own listing.

Once you have the relationship between the users and listings, you can add an edit icon to the listing in the UI and make the icon visible only to the user who created that listing.

When you are done with this, now you can allow the user to click on that icon to edit the listing and provide options to update, delete, etc

Or to keep it simple, have another page in user’s profile page to see his own listings and perform edit actions from there.

This will keep your regular listings Screen clean and undisturbed.

Awesome! Thank you much for your support. I will try!

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Is this the correct way for the icon only to be seen by the user who created the listing?

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