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I want the user who created the listing to edit the listing every time they want and to make it sometimes visible. Showing screenshots on how I’m using the update feature but it does not do anything or give me the option to change.

  1. This listing is already made and I want to update the title or description.

  2. Here I use the update feature but when I click it does not work or take me to an update page. What I’m doing wrong?

@eronmix did you add an action to the edit icon?

Yes I did, but when the icon is click it does not do anything.

Can you share a screenshot of the action you have for the icon?

Typically it should be like this:

  1. User clicks on the edit > link to a new edit page
  2. Edit page should contain a form with preloaded data of the listing
  3. You will need to update the values in the form
  4. Have a button to update the collection with updated values for the record
  5. You can have an additional button to remove/delete the listing altogether which removes the record from listings

Ok I will try to do that. For example I have a form to create listings. So if I make another form using the same database concept then it will edit listing? All I need is to change the for to update?

Yup, you’re right, have another screen with a form to create edit action

Thank you so much it works!

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