Is it possible to show the edit and delete option only for the content written by the loged-in users?

I want to show the delete and edit botton to the logged in user for only those contents written by him?

Hi @build1,

I guess you have a One to Many relationship between the Contents collection and Users collection and you have added Logged in user in to that relationship field in your Content Create Action?

Then you can add a visibility condition to the Delete button and Edit Button as Current Content> Creator’s ( One to Many relationship )> email > is equal to > Logged in user’s > email.

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon for your response. I have user collection and a number of collections having different inputs in my database (such as job location, job salary, job category). But while adding visibility in the icon, I’m not sure how to fix the way you mentioned.

Your Welcome!

You have a Jobs collection right? And I see that you are using a Simple List and a icon that can’t access the icon of the current data. For the Simple List you need to enable the icons in the settings of the list. But then we can’t add a visibility conditions and we need a Custom List and we can do these all things in the Custom List!


The content then will have its own collection, and each content is related to a user.

So you use visibility conditions. Only show the button/icon if the content creator is the logged-in user.

That button/icon must be part of the list, so you can create that visibility condition.


Thanks a lot! Trying to fix it.


You can watch this video :

Same but in the video I made it for Comments that you can create it for Jobs!

Good Luck!

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