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Hi guys,
I have a list that users can filter through a drop down menu.
However i want there to be a view all option whereby they can view all off the items under the filtered category on a separate page.

Now i have to ways i think i can do it.

  1. there is a fixed item on the list that when clicked it takes them there
  2. Or there is a button on the page which takes them to the view all page.

The problem with this is i assume i have to create multiple buttons and make them appear visible when different industries are selected.

Please can someone help.

Hey Indi @Indisa,

As an option:

  • add a button and call it “View All”
  • make this button a list of Categories
  • filter this list so that Category → Name is equal to Dropdown → Category → Name
    Result: single-item list with the same category which is selected in the dropdown.
  • add an action for the button to link to a new page
  • there you will have a Current Category and you can add list of Items and filter it
  • convert this list to a Group
  • make this Group visible only if Dropdown → Name is NOT equal to empty
    Result: the button will appear only if something is selected in the dropdown. Grouping is necessary to avoid “loading” circle in place of this list when dropdown is empty.


Thank you, You are a life saver!
Do you know how to display current date and time?

Thanks @Indisa!

There is a Date and Time section in the “flyout” menu and it has Current time. Please see here:


Hi Victor thank for the reply.

I have tried this but it comes up like this.

I am wanting it to say for example 9th of January at 14.05

@Indisa please click on the pen which is right to the words “Current Time” in this red pill. You will find the ways to format the date.


You Legend!!!

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