Help for startups and entrepreneurs

Hi all,

The reason I’m reaching out to you all is simple. I’ve created a community that i hope will help a lot of you.

As entrepreneurs who’ve been through the cycle of creating, selling, buying, and securing investments for startups, we all have challenges. The high fees many platforms charge to sell your startup, searching for buying opportunities, back-and-forth in seeking investors, or having a great startup idea without knowing how to market or develop it — we’ve experienced it all.

That’s why I’ve created Upstart. With Upstart, I want to bring everyone together without the excessive fees and guesswork. You can connect with fellow entrepreneurs all in one place. It’s absolutely free.

So if your looking to sell, buy, invest/find investment or looking for a partnership for your startup i hope to see you on Upstart!

I won’t spam this post with a link straight away, but if your interested let me know and I’ll post the link to the community.


I’m the only member at the moment :wink: so come join!

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I’m interested to join sir