How to reduce the Stripe transaction fee!

Having come from a fintech background, and having begun my startup (1.5yrs ago) with a view of buiding a fintech app, I happen to know Stripe are happy and willing to negotiate on their default transaction fee; the caveat is it’s dependent on volume.

The bad news is independently we won’t qualify for the discount as we’re unlikely to be putting enough money through with our individual apps, but here’s the good news, as a group we are!

To get the wheels moving and take advantage of this we (the makers) need Adalo to negotiate with Stripe.

There is literally no downside; we get to either make more money, or pass on the discount to our users and Adalo get an unfair advantage in the no-code space by attracting new makers to the platform.

So, I’ve created this feature request; vote on it and pass it around, get as many people as possible to vote and hopefully it’ll be happy days.

Stripe Group Discount



I attended Startup School for a while until, they started pushing woke agendas. It was subtle, but present. And after it dawned on me that the goal of YC is to find startups with founders that want to sell out, I knew it wasn’t for me, and quit.

Beyond that, for the most part, for the right founder, it was extremely helpful. After you complete a few weeks, they give you access to discounts on A LOT of services (Mostly, if not all, YC companies) Stripe being one of them.

I actually encountered difficulties when trying to redeem my discount. I think because I was an early participant… It was if Stripe employees had no idea that they made a deal with YC. I imagine they worked out the communication by now. Adalo should make a startup school of their own, too. Though it was more about keeping focused & communication than it was about education. So, not sure why they used the word, “school”.

Regardless, I totally agree about the fees. And your idea is a no-brainer win-win-win opportunity for Adalo. In the meantime, perhaps YCSS would be worth the discount for you. I believe it’s free.

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good idea! upvoted

Hey, I too am part of the Y Compinator Start Up School, have been for about 18ths, and although I had the Stripe discount…I couldn’t get it locked in…had the same problem with the $5000 free AWS credit as well…!

But still, if we have enough people upvote this we’ll all benefit.

Couldn’t get your discount locked in through YCSS either? bummer. Glad I left.
btw, they made me contact their lawyers simply to unsubscribe from SS!!!
Paul Graham is gone. These are all red flags.
If I were you, I would stay away from YC.

“Silicon Valley needs to die” --George Hotz